The Team


Brenda Mason Rosebud MentorBrenda (Project Coordinator)
Brenda Mason has enjoyed a 25 year career in youth work before joining Rosebud in late 2013. Brenda’s field of expertise include life skills support, personal development, confidence building, behavioural management and mentorship of young women. Brenda’s vision for the centre is to create a space where all women across any age group, background or history is able to receive support.  Brenda is also a qualified football coach and a bespoke jewellery designer. Brenda is passionate about working with young people because she is driven me to want to be a voice of support that empowers young people and encourages them to engage and participate in creating an environment that promotes their personal growth.

Danielle (Events Coordinator/Youth Worker)
Danielle is originally from Woolwich and is passionate about being involved in the community. She has 10 years experience within Event Management and Coordination and has been involved in many creative projects which includes running a project for ‘O2 Think Big’. Danielle has a degree in Event Management and a foundation degree in Dance and also has a background in Fashion Design. She  is excited to be working with Rosebud as the Event Coordinator and also involved in assisting and running workshops for Rosebud as a Youth Worker.

Ebony (Seasonal Youth Worker)
Ebony Onwubolu is currently studying an undergraduate degree in Counselling. Ebony has a passion for working with children and young people to enable them to process, grow and manage their emotions and day to day living whether it be within education or their personal lives as she believes it is important that our minds and emotions are in good health. With a background in photography and Fashion styling, Ebony enjoys creating and exploring new ideas in all parts of her life and aims to bring that to the young people she works with and to the Rosebud Centre for Girls.

Kam (Administrator)
With a background in the fitness industry, Kam had enjoyed a long career as an instructor and personal trainer. Although his role is now primarily administrative, his pace has not slowed down, working extensively across all the Listening Ears projects including Feel Good Friday, Community Angels and the flagship Rosebud Centre project. Kam believes in self-motivation and leadership by example as a tool for inspiring others around him. He is also keen on numbers, statistics and record keeping whether in relation to admin tasks or fitness training. Although he is very proficient on data management software, he believes there are no limits to learning and continues to acquire new skills to enable him work smarter.

melissa-vidalMelissa (Senior Youth Worker)
Melissa Vidal has enjoyed supporting communities for over 15 years in a variety of settings; developing and helping to deliver a wide range of projects that inspire young people to take on leadership roles, broaden their horizons and become the best that they can be.  Melissa recently became a qualified trainer and is excited about using her passion for making her own beauty products to educate and inspire women of all backgrounds.

Toyin OgunbanjoToyin (Founder/CEO)
Olutoyin Ogunbanjo is the founder of Listening Ears, a community focused charity committed to reducing isolation, loneliness and depression. Toyin believes that total well-being should be implemented from an early age and as a result, developed the Rosebud Project to support young girls on their journey to womanhood. Toyin is very pleased to see her vision for Rosebud in fruition and never stops working to continue to reach her goals and exceed them. Toyin is a very hands on person and takes pride in her wide range of skill set and continues to undergo training to further widen her abilities because she believes that knowledge is an eternal quest.