english heritage workshops

Rosebud Centre is excited to be working with English Heritage in an exciting new workshop called Make Your Mark about Ranger’s House.
The workshops are scheduled to run online via zoom on Monday 14th and 21st of December 2020 at 5pm
Almost everything you need to take part will be included in activity packs, but for the first session, we will need you to bring one thing:

An object or ‘thing’ that represents you!

It could be anything that you feel tells a story about you or your life. It might be a recipe, a song, an ornament, a toy, a t-shirt, a book, a photo… anything! Although Ranger’s House is full of very expensive(!) and wonderful objects, it may be that the object you want to bring costs nothing at all.

If you’re really excited you can find out more about Ranger’s House on the English Heritage website
To find out more about Shout Out Loud, visit www.shoutoutloud.org.uk Here you can find out what other amazing projects young people across the country have been getting involved in. By taking part in these workshops, you’re helping English Heritage discover and tell new stories about the past.

Download the worksheets: