Confidence Building Workshop

It was amazing I would love to do it again and I have taken on who I want to be and who I am. It was so much fun and made me feel proud of myself.” – Tabitha, 12

It helped me to be myself” – Zainab, 10

It was amazing, I love it! I loved everything we did because it helped me be more brave!” – Cyrena, 10

I have achieved a lot working with Anna, Tatiana was very helpful as well.” – Blessing, 13

I am really grateful for the workshops. Thank you all for providing this for all of us.” – Cyrielle, 11

It was amazing. It was such a pleasure to talk to Anna. She was amazing!! I can’t wait for the next one.” – Mercy, 10

I loved it, it helped me to discover myself.” – Fikunlami, 10

Thanks so much for the workshop.” – Louise, 12

Fashion Design Workshop

“This session was great!” – Ruth, 13

“it was good, i liked it and it helped me a lot” – Charlie, 15

“ I enjoyed it because it was educational” – Nazryn, 12

“ The workshop has really helped me helped me develop in fashion” – CK, 12

“I would like to make more clothing.”- Lesley, 12

“ It was fun and exciting” – Malaika S., 11

“I am looking forward to making more clothes” – Phoebe, 12

Jewellery Making Workshop

“It is fun and creative. Great! I absolutely love it.” – Zainab, 10

“I would like to do more of these workshops with Brenda” – Marvel, 12

“It was very good and I hope I do this again. I really enjoyed.” – Amira, 12

“I very much liked the workshop” – Louise, 12

“I had a great experience at the jewellery making workshop. It was very fun!” – Samsara, 12

“I would really like to make jewellery again.” – Sukriti, 13

“I really enjoyed today’s session, it was brilliant” – Nikoletta, 10

“I would want to have more jewellery lessons at Rosebud because this was my first lesson.” – Swetchha, 13

“The workshop was quite good and I would like to learn more skills.” – CK, 12

“I would like to make necklaces and more earrings.” – Ruth, 13

“It was great and I learnt a new skill that would be helpful to me someday.” – Nancy, 15

“I enjoy doing jewellery because of the particular things we make. It’s really fun.” – Cyrena, 10

“I would like to see Brenda, again and do more jewellery making. I would like this session to last longer.” – Lesley, 12

“I liked to make the bracelets and I enjoyed it.” – Saalma Deen, 12

“I didn’t know how to do jewellery before I came, it’s so nice.” – Osas, 10

“I really like the workshop and I’ll like to do more.” – Elise, 10

“It was nice and informative.” – Michelle, 14

“I loved jewellery session and will be attending Rosebud with my friends.” – Rebecca, 12

Cookery Club Workshop

“The cookery workshop was extremely helpful as I could cook before but it’s built up my confidence.” – CK, 12

“I liked to cook food at the workshop but I don’t cook at home because I can’t get the ingredients to make them.” – Saalma, 12

“These cookery clubs really help me and I am now more confident in cooking.” – Ruth, 13

“It was very good and helped me learn to control my eating, and have a balanced diet.” – Zainab, 12

“It’s fun, great and I learn new foods I haven’t done before.” – Osas, 10

“I would like to make more traditional foods.” – Cyrielle, 11

“This work shop has really helped me to cook on my own. It is a good place to be.” – Cyrena, 10

“The workshop was very helpful.” – Louise C, 12

“Lots of fun.” – Tabitha, 12

“I am excitied for every Saturday because of the Cookery Club.” – Osas, 10

“Cooking lollipops.” – Rehani, 11

“I had a lot of fun and I learned how to make colourful cookies.” – Natasha, 11

“I like making desserts instead of main courses.” – Marvel, 11

“I love chocolate cake medium.” – Saalma, 12

“I liked the colours and I think Honey is a good teacher.” – Sarah, 12

“This workshop is cool!” – Sade, 12

“I had have learnt more and I feel more experienced in cooking and baking.” – Veronica, 12

“I loved it.” – Rebecca, 12 “It was really fun! Thank you.” – Rachel, 13

“This was very fun!!! Thank you to our teacher Honey.” – Zainab S., 14

“I would like to do this again.” – Charlotte, 15

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