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Christmas Party 2018

Come down to the Rosebud Centre this Christmas to celebrate the year with us and our girls. We will be hosting an award ceremony to acknowledge the Rosebud girls growth whilst also thanking their families for  their support – fun party games, food & drink and we will also be hosting a raffle with lots …


Christmas Crafts Workshops

To get our girls in the Christmas spirit this year we are running 2 workshops a week where they will be making something different each week! The girls will be making their own stocking lavender bags, smelly candles, soaps and more – please get in touch to find out more information about attending our workshops …


Adding Flavour to Christmas

Annual Christmas Festivities: Listening EarsĀ in our usual fashion, held an annual Christmas party to celebrate 2011 and welcome in 2012. The event was held at the Bostall Gardens Centre and included performances and an interactive Q&A session between our young Rosebud members and the over 50s. The intergenerational exchange also included a special performance. Watch …