Blossoming Into Womanhood

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Book Covering, Candle Holders and more!

The theme for January 2019 is Recycling & Upcycling so our Senior Youth Worker Melissa has come up with some fantastic ideas to teach our girls the importance of helping …

Fashion Workshop: hacks, tips and tricks

We will be launching a new series of exciting creative workshops in Fashion Design. Check out our photo gallery of our previous fashion design workshops at Rosebud

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2015

Rosebud Centre for Girls is hosting a special event to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day. The historic date is 8th March annually but our event will take place on …

Annual Showcase Event

The Rosebud Annual Showcase Event is scheduled to take place at Woolwich Town Hall on Saturday, 30th August 2014 12noon – 4pm. This event is a celebration of our successes …

Latest News from Rosebud

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DiscoverME is back in 2014

DiscoverME is our transformative Personal Development and Confidence Building programme. Enjoyed by old and young alike, these workshops have benefited many including parents, grandparents, managers, teams, groups and CEOs! If …

Introducing Rosebud Centre For Girls

Rosebud Academy is in full bloom: we are rebranding as Rosebud Centre For Girls. We will continue to provide exclusive support services free of charge to young women under 19. …

Fashion Design Taster Workshop

Rosebud is very excited to announce a special workshop in Fashion Design. We are very┬áprivileged to have the talented artist and textile designer Janine Prevost on board. Dont miss it: …